Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Have to Turn 30....Soon.

This is the beginning of me trying to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish by the time I am 30. I just celebrated my 28th birthday and have been carrying this list around with me, in my wallet, for several years now.... I think it is time to get busy! I only have 2 years to accomplish alot of things! Sooooo here I go!

Things to Do Before I Turn 30

1. Start my Own Business: Well.... I have and I haven't accomplished this. I started a home based bath and body boutique, where my girlfriends and their friends and their friends' friends would come and "shop". I had some really great products from Cake, Jaqua, Cherriflip, Ganache for Lips, Sugar Baby, Out of My Tree, Tinte and some others. The first "party" went really well and I was very encouraged by the response that I got... The second party, sucked. I wanted to make some seed money to get a full fledged store opened but it didn't happen. So I wrote a fine business plan, talked with some banks and WAS DENIED! Ouch... I was depressed and hurt but realized that maybe this is not the time in my life for a business. I have a 16 month old daughter and a handsome husband and soooooooo many other things I want to get done. So I made a stab at this one but I don't see this happening for a while... Maybe before I turn 40.

2. Travel to Spain: Hopefully soon. It seems so beautiful there.

3. Travel to Key West Florida and Drive Around in a Convertible: I think I just have this idyllic version of Key West in my head and I REALLY want to go there. I love the beach.. I hate going into the water but I love the mentality of the beach. Sunburned noses, no makeup, messy hair and flip flops... ahhhhhhhhhh. And the FOOD! I love seafood and maragritas...
The driving around in a convertible car part is non negotiable. That is an absolute must if I go to Key West. Again, I think it has something to do with the idyllic version in my head and the messy hair thing.

4. Learn Spanish: My husband is Mexican and his parents do not speak fluent English. They are amazingly warm and kind and I would love so much to be able to sit in the kitchen and talk with his mother. I have picked up quite a bit from them already but NO WHERE near saying I am even close to being fluent. Just a few key phrases like: I am hungry; Smells good; Pacifier; Spoiled; Milk, etc..... I want to take some classes so I can learn more. Maybe I can get my dad to go with me.... He is fascinated my Spanish.

5. Learn to Tap Dance: I have no idea why. It just seems like I should know how to do this.

6. Learn to Do the Tango: Again, I just feel like I should learn this. I love to dance but I need to have some organization when I dance or else I look like Elaine from that Sinefield episode.

7. Purchase a Pair of Manolo Blahnik Shoes: Ahhhhhhhhh......... The shoe of all shoes. I lust over them often and one day will own a pair. They are just so beautiful. All of them.

8. Visit the Grand Canyon: Shouldn't everyone see this in person?

9. Start and Finish a Photographic Project: I got my degree in Photography and use to shoot all the time. I haven't in a while. I don't have a darkroom to work in and to me that is the beautiful part of photography. I could spend all day in there processing prints. It kills me to shoot film then hand it over to someone to process it for me. And to have someone else print it for me REALLY kills me.... That is my favorite part and I always nitpick the prints when I get them back.
I am not sure what kind of project I will start, but it may coincide with this.....Maybe some artful shots of my desserts ( read below).

10. Learn to PROPERLY Cook Desserts: Now this is my passion right now. I have become dangerously obsessed with baking. I cannot get enough. It is INSTANT gratification and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I want to learn how to make those fancy fondant cakes. It is like sculpture, but with icing. It makes my toes curl in delight when I think of what new recipe I can try out and WHOA... When I get a new cookbook ( which has been quite often here lately) I am just estatic! I have always loved to cook, but could never really grasp baking... so I am taking it head on and with great fervor. You will hear an awful lot about my baking successes and failures. That is why this is called LICK THE SPOON.

11.Have a Hammock and Use It: I have to have two perfectly spaced trees to do this. Having a hammock on one of those banana looking stands out in the middle of a barren back yard DOES NOT COUNT. It has to be strung up between two trees and in the lush shade. I have strict rules for this one.

12. Grow and Maintain a Fabulous Garden: Very time consuming but worth a shot. But not this summer.

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I clicked on the next blog button at the top of my blog and stumbled into yours. Great start ;).


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