Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Righting an Icing Wrong

I am mixerless today. I shipped ol' Bessie off to live in California and still haven't gotten my new mixer... tomorrow, tomorrow. So I decided I would take the day off from the kitchen; but I couldn't. The bad icing from last night was calling out for help and who am I to deny icing? So I got in the kitchen and got busy.

I decided to add a block of cream cheese to the mix to try and thicken it up a bit. It did thicken up, but not enough. MORE POWDERED SUGAR..... and more and more and more and before I knew it another pound went in. So I did use 2 pounds after all... agrrr. But really it tasted good.. I think the cream cheese really cut into the tooth aching sweetness that 2 pounds of confectioners sugar makes. So I was at last happy with the taste. I had forgotten that I bought some icing color gel the other day and became VERY excited at the idea of turning it pink. Lovely, lovely pink icing. All is right in the world again. I never reached the thick buttercream consistency I was looking for but that is okay. I kinda like the way the icing dribbles over the edge of the cupcake and looks casually beautiful. Like someone who wakes up with no makeup and bed head and looks radiant... this icing was just naturally beautiful.

I iced the remaining chocolate cupcakes from the night before and topped them off with coconut and strawberries. They were very pretty....

It's Official... Kathryn loves cupcakes..... well, actually she loves the icing. She also loves pounding the cake part onto the tray and making lots of crumbles. I love to clean it up... really.

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