Friday, August 19, 2005

The Photogenic Souffle

Well, I have to say... Donna is giving Nigella a run for her money in this kitchen! I have had the Modern Classics 2 cookbook for a couple of months now, but have been to busy with Nigella and Magnolia Bakery....WHY?!!? Donna Rocks!! I have made a few recipes out of this cookbook already and they have all come out very well. The Banana Cake
with Caramel Sauce, The Carrot Cake and now (drum roll please) Lemon Souffle!! I am very very proud of these little babies! They look so beautiful and are very photogenic. My husband was like " Alright, enough already with the pictures... Can I eat it now?" Heavens to Betsey.. Souffles are delicious! I have never had one before, so I don't have anything to compare these too, but they seem to be what a souffle should be. So very creamy and light... but rich. Frothy. This recipe has a very strong lemon flavor, almost too strong. My teeth are squeaking... I would love to try this in raspberry or pistachio (Nigella, I haven't forgotten about you, love.)

The preparation wasn't too bad on this.... I had two babies running around the house tonight, so my sugar and lemon juice did boil over leaving a nasty mess on my smooth cooktop. Ick. I did grind my sugar in a food processor to get caster sugar.... I am not sure that is necessary, but I wanted them to turn out right. I let the egg whites come to room temp before beating them... So this is a recipe you cant just slap together. It takes time and preparation.

I have made the official decision that The Souffle will be my new signature dish (because I am soooo good with time and preparation). I am going to try and make this in every flavor imaginable. Oh, and I have pledged my second born child to Donna Hay... I would pledge the first born but we have kinda gotten attached to her......

Edit Here: I have had MANY requests for this recipe so here it is! Enjoy!

Lemon Soufflés

Butter, softened, for greasing
Superfine sugar for dusting
3 ½ oz fresh lemon juice
2/3 cup superfine sugar
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 teaspoons water, extra
5 egg whites
1/3 cup superfine sugar, extra

Grease your ¾ cup capacity ramekins with butter and dust with sugar. Cup parchment paper in strips to circle around the lip of the ramekin and tie with kitchen twine ( I had to use tape….) to make collars that stand about 1 ¼ inch above the rim. Place the ramekins on a baking sheet.
Combine the lemon juice, sugar and water in a small saucepan over low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Increase the heat to high and bring to a boil. Combine the cornstarch with the extra water to make a smooth paste (this is weird, the paste is very ….. weird. You will see….. ) Add to the pan and continue to cook for one minute, stirring constantly. Refrigerate until mixture is cold.
Preheat the oven to 350. Place the egg in a bowl of an electric mixer and beat until soft peaks form. Add in the extra sugar and beat until glossy. Place the lemon mixture in a large bowl and fold in the egg whites. Spoon into the ramekins and bake for 12-15 minutes or until risen and golden. Gently remove the collars and serve immediately.

Easy. Look, if I can do this and pull it off…. You can absolutely do it. And it looks soooooo impressive when it is served.

Comments on "The Photogenic Souffle"


Blogger obachan said ... (August 20, 2005 4:45 AM) : 

They sure are photogenic and I can imagine how good they taste! I'm drooling!


Blogger Culinarily Obsessed said ... (August 20, 2005 10:25 PM) : 

YUM!! I am so have inspired me to stop my longing & actually purchase the Modern Classics 2 cookbook. *dreamy sigh* I do love Donna Hay..And hey, maybe if I keep reading your blog I would become fearless in the face of new recipes


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (August 22, 2005 8:57 PM) : 

Aw, come on now....where's the recipe for these babies?? They are gorgeous. I wanna make these now!!


Anonymous doggerham said ... (August 23, 2005 12:15 PM) : 

Um Chandra,

I think that you are eliminating yourself from the Martha show -- you've been posting too many successes!



Blogger cniles said ... (August 23, 2005 2:15 PM) : 

Hi Chandra!

I LOVE your blog, your writing, your pics, your fearless determination to try new things!!!

Keep'em coming!! :)



Blogger Cathy said ... (August 24, 2005 6:29 AM) : 

Chandra - Wow, what a souffle! Please let us know when you do the raspberry variation and post the recipe! My husband would be in heaven ;)


Blogger David said ... (August 24, 2005 6:09 PM) : 

Why aren't you cooking??? It's been five days! Are you on vacation again?
Hope ALL is well, and you are happy.

I miss you sweet, crazy girl.


Blogger David said ... (August 24, 2005 6:14 PM) : 

I'm trying to reach my goal weight of 300 lbs by the end of the year, and that's not going to happen without your bringing in goodies anymore. Get with the program!
Your job, even if you have a new one, is to still entertain me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (August 25, 2005 1:32 AM) : 

I have been looking for a good lemon souffle recipe for years! I have yet to find one that is both lemony and fluffy -- lemon souffle, since it doesn't use a fruit puree, tends to dryness. Would you mind posting yours? It is cruel to show those pictures without a recipe....


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